Fair Exchange

Fair Exchange provides impartial travel advice in return for a donation to charity.

Readers seeking candid recommendations on where to stay, where to avoid, and the specialist with whom to travel can contact Sophy Roberts at fairexchange@sophyroberts.com.

Wherever appropriate, you will get direct contacts for travel experts on the ground, thus cutting out unncessary middlemen and their associated costs. Sophy will also recommend agents and operators with the tested specialism for your needs. 

In return Sophy asks that if a private trip is booked on the back of the conversation, an online donation of any amount is made to Facing Africa, a charity that addresses a disease called noma.


What is Fair Exchange?

I am sometimes contacted by readers seeking travel advice. I have always made candid referrals but have never sought any financial recompense for this service. This includes helping high-profile individuals who are spending in excess of £100,000 per trip.

In 2010, while travelling to Ethiopia on assignment, I came across an old acquaintance: Chris Lawrence, who 10 years prior was one of the leading authorities on high-end travel to Morocco. Once a location specialist for major fashion photographers, Chris had sold his company, Best of Morocco, and in his retirement set up Facing Africa to help tackle noma. It was the first time I had ever heard of the disease. 

Fair Exchange is a simple means for me to continue to offer travel advice to the world's most privileged travellers while benefitting those for whom life is dramatically less fortunate. I don't take responsbility for the nuts and bolts of the trips I recommend; I simply listen to what you want, and take responsibiity for my own opinions and experiences which you can choose to use or otherwise.

In return, I ask those who do benefit from the time I spend working out your holiday - which often includes strategies to reduce the price of a trip by working not with the industry's middlemen but direct with on-the-ground fixers - to make a discretionary online donation to Facing Africa. This is a very simple process, detailed here