Fair Exchange

Fair Exchange provides impartial travel advice in return for a donation to charity.

Readers seeking candid recommendations on where to stay, where to avoid, and the specialist with whom to travel can contact Sophy Roberts at fairexchange@sophyroberts.com.

Wherever appropriate, you will get direct contacts for travel experts on the ground, thus cutting out unncessary middlemen and their associated costs. Sophy will also recommend agents and operators with the tested specialism for your needs. 

In return Sophy asks that if a private trip is booked on the back of the conversation, an online donation of any amount is made to Facing Africa, a charity that addresses a disease called noma.


What is Facing Africa?

Facing Africa was founded in 1998 by Chris Lawrence, pictured above, as a UK registered charity, and from the start has worked closely with partners AWD Stiftung Kinderhilfe and The Dutch Noma Foundation.

As well as encouraging education about noma, the charity focuses on reconstructive facial surgery, which is complex, time consuming and requires very special skills.

Such surgery is neither available nor accessible in the countries where noma is prevalent. Indeed, the cost of bringing one noma victim to Europe for facial reconstruction costs about £40,000 whereas similar treatment in a local hospital costs about £800.

Each year Facing Africa puts together groups of volunteer surgeons, anaesthetists and dentists from the UK and other European countries. In Addis Ababa, facial reconstructive surgery is performed on noma patients. In addition, an outreach programme helps source noma patients in various remote parts of Ethiopia.